NEW 01/01: Guest Photos Added From:

Lunenburg (NEW R-1),

Paxton (NEW A-5), and

Pembroke (NEW L-1).

Thanks Tom & Mark!!


NEW 01/02: 2008 Year In Review Video Feature Added


NEW 01/03: Major Update Completed!

All Fire & EMS Department and Firefighters web links have been moved to their

respective department pages. Thanks to Bob LaBrie (Goshen Fire)

for the suggestion! If you discover a department or association link missing,

please E-MAIL me!

LINK also added for Pittsburgh Metro Fire.


NEW 01/04: Photos & Info Updated From:

Falmouth (E-23),

Mashpee (NEW A-363, 363-Rear, E-351), and

Sandwich (NEW A-459).

Guest Photo Added From:

Plainfield (NEW E-3). Thanks Brian!


NEW 01/10: Photos & Info Added From Rhode Island:

Cranston (NEW E-4, NEW E-6, NEW R-3), and

T.F. Green Airport (NEW R-307).


NEW 01/18: Guest Photos Added From:

Cranston, RI (NEW C-3),

Pepperell (NEW C-1), and

West Springfield (NEW B-1).

Thank You John, Adam & Shaun!

Editors Note: Here's Hoping For A Change In The Weather. A Little Less Snow,

And Warmer Temperatures Would Truly Help The Picture Taking!!!


NEW 01/25: Guest Photos Added From:

Goshen (NEW E-2, NEW C-1, Antique E-1).

Thanks Bob!

EVENTS Page Updated With RIAFAS Annual Antique Show.


NEW 01/31: Photo Added Of Woonsocket, RI NEW Tower 2.

Guest Photo Added From:

Savoy (NEW E-1).

Thanks Pete!


NEW 02/03: Guest Photos Added From:

Auburn (NEW A-3), and

Savoy (NEW E-2).

Thanks Andrew & Chief!!


NEW 02/12: MAFT Milestone Today!!

600,000 Visitors!!!!!

Thank You All For All The Support & Kind Words!!


NEW 02/15: Photos & Info Added From:

MA Dept. Of Fire Services (ORU-43),

Medfield (NEW A-1), and

Natick (Rehab E-2, L-2).

Guest Photos Added From:

Clinton (NEW A-1, F-2),

Quincy (E-11),

Revere (NEW E-3, NEW E-5, NEW L-1), and

West Boylston (NEW A-2).

Thank You Andrew, Tom, Mike & Chris!!!

LINK Added For:

David Mowry's Fire Photography and

And, Most Importantly Today........



NEW 02/21: Photos & Info Added From:

Framingham (NEW E-3),

MA DFS Incident Response (Squad 14, Squad 15, Squad 64, TSU 71),

Stow (E-11), and

Sudbury (E-4).

Guest Photos Updated From:

Pelham (S-3, C-1), and

Savoy (NEW E-2).

Thanks Jason & Chief!

LINK Added For's LA County Dispatch Page.


NEW 02/28: Photos & Info Updated From:

Holbrook (E-2, S-1, FF-1),

Kingston (B-75),

Middleborough (NEW T-3), and

Norfolk County Chiefs ("New" NCC-1).

Guest Photo Added From:

Pittsfield (NEW T-1).

Thanks Brian!!

LINK Added For Andrew Cunningham's Site.

NOTE: Field Comm. Units Moved To FCAM Heading (F Page) and Dept. Pages.


NEW 03/08: Photo Added Of Franklin "New" ISU.

Guest Photos Added From:

Hanscom AFB (NEW E-4),

Lenox (NEW E-6),

Pepperell (C-4), and

Salem (NEW E-4).

Thanks Andrew, Bill, Shaun & Jeff!!


NEW 03/14: Photos & Info Updated From:

Arlington ("New" E-3),

Malden (R-1),

Nahant (E-31, E-32, NEW S-31, "New" Special Ops.),

North Attleborough (E-1),

Revere (NEW E-3, NEW L-1, Station 2), and

Weston (NEW E-3, E-3 Rear).

Rhode Island Guest Photo from:

East Greenwich (NEW E-1).

Thanks Rob!

Apparatus Of The Past Pages Updated With:

East Greenwich, RI (E-1), and

Nahant (Ocean Rescue).


NEW 03/15: Photos & Info Updated From:

Mendon (NEW A-1), and

Uxbridge (E-1, NEW E-2, E-5, R-1).

Apparatus Of The Past Updated With Units From:

Mendon (A-2), and

Uxbridge (E-2, F-1).


NEW 03/21: Photos & Info Updated From:

Easton (NEW A-2, A-2 Rear),

MA DFS HazMat (TOMS-11),

Norton (E-2), and

Randolph (E-2, LT-1).

Maine Guest Photo From Freeport (NEW E-5).

Thanks Ray!!


NEW 03/29: Photos & Info Updated From:

Auburn (NEW A-3, E-2),

Clinton (E-1, E-4, F-2, NEW A-1, A-2, A-3),

Grafton (E-1, Tower 1, F-1, Truck 7), and

West Boylston (NEW A-2).


NEW 04/05: Photos & Info Updated From:

Chilmark (NEW B-131, E-122, R-161),

C-O-MM (NEW A-324),

Edgartown (E-223, E-225, L-251, NEW D-241, S-230, R-263, Sta. - 1 HQ, Sta.-2),

MA Forest Fire Control (T-1-8, MV Station),

Oak Bluffs (E-521, E-522, E-524, L-551, Sta.-1 HQ),

Orleans (NEW F-169),

Provincetown (A-196, A-197, A-198),

Tisbury (E-621, E-622, R-661, S-641),

Tisbury EMS (T-90, T-93, Station),

Wellfleet (E-94, T-96, A-97, A-98, NEW Sta.- 1 HQ), and

West Tisbury (E-721, E-722, T-733, T-734, B-731, NEW DR-770).

Apparatus Of The Past Updated With:

M.V. Tri-Town Ambulance (A-90), and

Orleans (F-169).

MA Scenic Photo Added Of Cape Cod Canal.

Guest Photos Added From:

Boston (NEW W-25), and

Pittsfield (Tower 1).

Thanks Mark & Brian!


NEW 04/10: Photos & Info Updated From:

Dennis (NEW A-103), and 

Walpole (NEW E-2).

Apparatus of the Past Updated With Units From:

Dennis (A-103), and

Walpole (E-2).


NEW 04/11: Guest Photo Added Of:

Marthas Vineyard Tri-Town Ambulance ("New" A-90).

Thanks Martina!

LINKS Page Revamped & Links Added From:

Eric Hoffman's Car 6 Fire Photos

Dave Stewart's Massfirepics Site

Milford Fire Photos

Scott Schill's Virginia Firefighters.


NEW 04/15: Photos & Info Updated From:

MA Forest Fire Control (12-0, 14-0, NEW 14-1).

Rhode Island Photo & Info Updated From:

Central Falls (NEW R-1).

Guest Photo Added Of:

MA Forest Fire Control (NEW 2-2, NEW 10-2).

Thanks Tom!


NEW 04/19: Photos & Info Updated From:

Brimfield ("New" F-2),

Brookfield EMS (NEW A-1),

Holden ("New" A-1, F-2),

North Brookfield (F-1, T-1),

Southborough (E-23, C-30),

Spencer (E-2, E-3, E-4, L-1, T-1, R-1, R-2, F-1, F-2, SU),

Spencer Rescue (A-1, A-4, NEW A-5), and

West Boylston (E-1, E-5, L-2, T-1, NEW C-2).

Apparatus of the Past Updated With:

Brookfield (Squad 1), and

Lancaster (E-5), and

Southborough (L-26).


NEW 04/24: Rhode Island Update.

Photos & Info Updated From:

Cranston (NEW Air Supply),

Narragansett (NEW E-1, E-2, L-1, Sta.-3),

North Kingstown (NEW E-1, NEW E-5, Spare E-4, NEW Sta.-5), and 

Warwick (NEW E-7, Rehab L-3, R-8).

March Of Dimes Touch-A-Truck Events Posted.


NEW 04/29: Photos & Info Updated From:

Bellingham (NEW R-1),

Dalton ("New" L-1),

Dracut (L-1),

Haverhill (A-1, T-1),

Lowell (E-7),

Ludlow (NEW T-1, A-2, NEW A-3),

Malden (E-1, E-4, Spare Engine, L-1),

Medford (E-6),

Melrose (E-4),

Newburyport (NEW E-2),

Russell (E-1, E-3, B-5, B-7, R-1, NEW T-1),

Somerville (NEW E-1),

Topsfield (E-2, E-3, R-1, R-2),

West Newbury (NEW T-28, F-27), and

Westover ARB (E-7, E-8, R-12, "New" R-1, NEW HM).

LINK Added For Phil Sullivan's

Guest Photos Added From:

Quincy (E-9), and

Shelburne Falls ("New" E-2).

Thanks Michael & Harry!!

Apparatus of the Past Updated With:

Dracut (E-4, E-7),

Russell (T-8),

Shelburne Falls (E-2),

West Newbury (L-1, F-27), and

Westover ARB (R-6).


NEW 05/03: Guest Photo Added From:

Kingston (Rehab B-74).

Thanks Mark!

LINK Added For Hinsdale Muster Team.


NEW 05/10: Photos & Info Updated From:

Abington (NEW A-3),

Canton (E-6, E-7, L-1, L-2, ATV, A-1, A-2, S-3),

East Bridgewater (NEW S-1),

Halifax (E-2, A-2),

Holbrook (NEW A-1, S-2),

Kingston (E-1, A-1, B-74),

Medway (NEW E-1),

Pembroke (NEW L-1, "New" Air Unit), and

Plymouth (E-7, E-9).

Apparatus of the Past Updated With Units From:

Holbrook (R-1), Medway (E-4), and Pembroke (L-1, S-1, Comp.-1).


NEW 05/13: Events Page Updated With Parades & Festivities.

Flyer Added For Millis Fire Truck For Sale (sold!).


NEW 05/15: Photos & Info Updated From:

Andover (NEW E-1, E-2, E-4, LT-1, L-2, F-1, NEW A-1, A-3, A-4),

Berlin (NEW F-1, "New" C-2),

Concord (E-8),

Hanscom AFB (NEW E-4, E-6, R-3),

Hudson (E-1, E-3, E-4, E-5, L-1, R-1, NEW C-4),

Lynnfield (NEW L-1), and

Reading (L-1).

Apparatus of the Past Updated with Units from:

Andover (E-4, A-92), Berlin (E-4), Hudson (R-2), and

Westminster (F-1, F-2).


NEW 05/22: Photos & Info Updated From:

Foxborough (E-23, E-25),

Quincy (L-1),

Stoughton (E-1, E-3, L-1, A-1, A-2, A-3), and

Weymouth (L-5).

Apparatus of The Past Updated With:

Weymouth (E-3).

EVENTS Page Updated With:

Dunstable, MA Fire Golf Tourney


NEW 05/26: Photos & Info Updated From:

Becket (E-1, E-2, E-3, NEW Tanker 1),

Bernardston (Rehab E-1),

Cheshire (E-1, Tanker 4, NEW Truck 5, Truck 7),

Colrain ("New" B-4),

Colrain Ambulance (NEW A-1),

Goshen (NEW E-2, E-2 Rear),

Highland Ambulance (A-1, A-3),

Lee (Station 1 HQ, Station 2),

Lee EMS (Unit 1, Unit 2, Station HQ),

Lenox (NEW E-6, NEW A-1, Antique E-3),

MA DFS HazMat (TOMS 51, ORU 52),

MA Forest Fire Control (12-4, Goshen Station),

Middlefield ("New" B-1, Tanker 3),

Pittsfield (NEW Tower 1, HQ Station),

Plainfield (NEW E-3, E-5, B-1),

Savoy (NEW E-1, NEW E-2, Tanker 3, "New" F-7),

Shelburne Falls (E-1, "New" E-2, A-1, Snorkel 1, Station 1 HQ),

West Stockbridge (NEW E-2),

Williamstown (Tower 1), and

Windsor ("New" Tanker 4, Truck 9, Station 1 HQ).

Apparatus Of The Past Updated With Units From:

Becket (T-6), Colrain (B-1), and West Stockbridge (E-2). 


NEW 05/29: Photo & Info Updated From:

MA Fire Academy (NEW Tower 1)


NEW 05/31: Photos & Info Updated From:

Hopedale (E-2, E-3, E-4, L-1, T-1, T-2, B-1, B-2, A-1, HQ),

Mattapoisett EMS (A-412, A-413, Station),

New Bedford (E-7, NEW L-1, Crash 9, Airport Station), and

Taunton (E-4, Bay Street Station).

Info Added For Marion EMS.

Info Updated From:

New Bedford - E-5 Running with Former Quint 5 - Again.

Sturbridge E-5 OOS Following Accident.

Apparatus of the Past Updated With Units From:

Marion (S-1) and Smithfield, RI (L-1).

Guest Photos Added From:

MA Forest Fire Control (10-3, 11-1).

Thanks Tom!

EVENTS Page Updated with Lenox Fire 100th Anniversary Parade.


NEW 06/04: MAFT MILESTONE!! - 700,000 HITS!!!

LINK Added For:

 Nate Arnold's Western Mass. Fire Photos


NEW 06/06: Photo & Info Updated For:

Amherst (NEW E-2).

Ashland (A-1, E-3),

Grafton (E-2, E-10, NEW Truck 6), and

Holliston (FF-1, FF-2).

Apparatus of the Past Updated With Units From:

Amherst (E-5, E-6) {Will Be Disposed Of When New E-2 In Service},

Grafton (T-6).

EVENTS Page Updated With:

Foxborough Founders Day Parade.


NEW 06/08: Photos & Info Updated From:

Billerica (E-4, E-5, E-6, L-1, R-1),

Billerica EMS (Station),

Chelmsford (NEW E-3, E-6),

Dracut (NEW E-1, E-2, E-4, E-5, E-6, E-8, Tr.-4, R-1),

MA DFS HazMat (ORU-62), and

Westford (E-8).

Apparatus of the Past Updated With Units From:

Chelmsford (E-7) and Dracut (E-7).


NEW 06/14: Photos & Info Added From:

Centerville-Osterville-Marstons Mills (NEW A-325, NEW A-326, E-306, Dive 319), and

Plymouth (E-4, FF-174).

(NOTE: Plymouth FF-178 Reassigned As FF-176. Old 176 Retired).

Apparatus Of The Past Updated With Units From:

Adams Forest Wardens (Attack 4),

Agawam (R-3),

Ayer (A-2),

Kingston, RI (E-8),

Little Compton, RI (E-2),

Newport, RI (E-3, E-4),

Plymouth (FF-176), and

Warren, RI (L-1).

(NOTE: Warren Former E-1 Now Assigned As E-4).

Guest Photos Added From:

MA Forest Fire Control (2-3, 5-8, 8-3, 8-6, 10-2).

Thanks Tom!


NEW 06/17: Photos Added Of Millis NEW Engine 2 & E-2 Rear.

EVENTS Page Updated With Wakefield July 4th Parade Flyer.


NEW 06/24: Photos & Info Added From:

Pawtucket, RI (NEW Rescue 1 & NEW Rescue 2).

Guest Photos Added From:

MA Forest Fire Control (5-1, 11-4), and

Wakefield (Retired E-1).

Thanks Tom & Ray!!


NEW 06/27: Photos & Info Added From:

Brockton (Tower 1),

Canton (NEW A-1, A-1 Rear, S-1),

Fall River (E-3, E-26),

MA Forest Fire Control (3-1, 3-5),

Somerset (E-3, E-4, E-6, C-44),

Swansea Ambulance Corps (NEW A-2), and

Warren, RI (NEW T-1, E-4).


NEW 06/28: Apparatus of the Past Pages Updated With Units From:

Massport (R-1), Sturbridge (E-5), and Townsend (L-1).


NEW 06/29: Photo & Info Updated From:

Great Barrington (NEW E-3).

Guest Photos Added From:

Acton (NEW R-34),

Devens (NEW E-6), and

Holden (NEW A-1).

Thanks Andrew!!


NEW 07/08: Photo Updated Of:

 Medfield (Engine 4).

Guest Photo Added From:

Pelham ("New" Brush 1).

Thank You Jason!!


NEW 07/11: Photos & Info Updated From:

Ayer (NEW A-1),

Devens (E-3, NEW E-6),

Gloucester (NEW R-2),

Lancaster ("New" E-5), and

Manchester-By-The-Sea (E-3, E-4).

Guest Photos Added From:

MA Forest Fire Control (11-6), 

Norwell (Former Forestry 1), and

Townsend (NEW L-1).

Farrar Apparatus Page Updated With Former Cushing Hospital Engine.

Thanks Tom, Ed, Bill & John!!

LINKS Page Updated With:

Rob Reardon's All Companies Working Site and

Scott Whittemore's Site.


NEW 07/15: Photos & Info Updated From:

Ashburnham (NEW F-4, L-1, T-1, NEW HQ),

Dighton (NEW R-1),

Littleton (NEW C-12, E-4 Rear),

Lunenburg (NEW R-1, R-2, E-1, E-4),

Shirley (E-2, F-1, F-2),

Shirley EMS (A-1, A-2),

Townsend (E-2, E-3, NEW L-1, R-1, R-2, NEW M-1), and

Westminster (E-1, E-2, E-4, NEW E-5, T-1, R-1, A-1, E-5 Rear).

Apparatus of the Past Updated With Units From:

Ashburnham (F-4), and

Shirley (R-1).

Town Hall Page Updated With Westminster TH.

Guest Photos Added From:

MA Forest Fire Control (8-1, 8-7).

Thanks Tom!!


NEW 07/21: Photos & Info Updated From:

Marion ("New" S-1, "New" S-2),

Marion EMS (NEW R-394, R-395), and

Peabody (NEW E-5).


NEW 07/24: Guest Photos Added From:

Mass Forest Fire Control (State 747, 11-0, 11-5, 11-6).

Thanks Tom!

LINK Added Fore Tom Valle's Fire Memorials Web Site.

EVENTS Page Updated With:

Wenham Public Safety Day & Parade - TOMORROW July 25th!!

Newburyport Yankee Homecoming Day & Parade - August 2.

Thanks To Ray Pitts For The Info!! 


NEW 07/26: Photos & Info Added From:

Abington (NEW A-3),

Bellingham (T-2),

Boston (NEW W-25),

Boston EMS (NEW Supervisor Unit, A-7, Sta.-7, SU-Rear),

Malden (E-3),

Massport (Marine 1),

Plainville (E-3, S-1, E-3 Rear),

Quincy (E-5, SSU-1, Sta.-5),

Revere (E-4, L-2, Special Ops., Sta.-1, HQ),

West Bridgewater ("New" FF-1, S-2310), and

Weymouth (E-2).

Apparatus of the Past Updated With Abington R-1.

EVENTS Page Updated With Smokey Bear's 65th B-Day Parade & Party.


NEW 07/29: Photos & Info Added From:

Boston (NEW Ladder 26).

Also Added Photos of Ladder 26 Dedication Seal

Ladder Marquee In Honor Of Lieutenant Kevin Kelley.

(I called ahead for sunshine but it wasn't to be today!)


NEW 07/31: Photo & Info Added From:

Mansfield (NEW Engine 1).

Apparatus of the Past Page Updated With:

Mansfield (E-2 & E-3).

Guest Photos Added From:

Lenox (Truck 5 - Rehabbed),

Palmer Ambulance (NEW A-1), and

Paxton (NEW HQ Station).

Thanks Bill & Andy!!

EVENTS Page Updated With York, ME Field Day & Parade.

Added Raffle Info From Whitman Fire Firefighters Local 1769.....See Below!.


NEW 08/04: Photos & Info Added From:

Cotuit (E-263, E-265, B-267, A-262, Station HQ),

Falmouth (A-36), and

Mashpee (C-370).

Guest Photos Added From:

MA Forest Fire Control (2-2, 3-0, 6-5, 9-0, 12-1, 14-3), and

Warwick, RI (Marine 2, Marine 4).

Thanks Tom & Rob!

Link Added To Warwick, RI Info Page For Warwick Firefighters Site.


NEW 08/06: Photo & Info Added From:

Blackstone (NEW Ambulance 1).

Guest Photo Added From:

Southborough (NEW A-28).

Thanks John!


NEW 08/08: Photos & Info Added From:

Bridgewater ("New" FF-2, ATV),

Dartmouth District 1 (E-1, E-2, E-3, E-4, T-1, R-6, HQ),

Dartmouth District 2 (E-5, E-6, L-2, "New" DR-1, DR-1 Rear),

Dartmouth District 3 (NEW F-1),

East Bridgewater (NEW E-3, E-3 Dedication Plaque),

Easton (E-2, A-1),

Franklin (NEW R-3, R-3 Rear),

Freetown (E-88, E-89, L-91, B-81, Station 2),

Granville (NEW E-1, E-1 Rear),

Lakeville ("New" L-1, HQ),

Mansfield (NEW E-2),

Middleborough (Station 3),

Westport (E-2, T-1, Special Ops., R-3).

Apparatus of the Past Page Updated With Units From:

East Bridgewater (E-3),

Franklin (R-3),

Granville (E-1), and

Lakeville (L-1).

EVENTS Page Updated With Pepperell Public Safety Day.


NEW 08/12: Photos & Info Updated From:

MA Forest Fire Control (1-7, 4-0, 6-1, Smokey's Jeep).

Guest Photos Added From:

C-O-MM (Engine 51 Muster Truck),

Nantucket (Station 5), and

Uxbridge (NEW Tanker 1).

Thanks Britt, Michelle, and Andy!

Apparatus of the Past Page Updated With:

Uxbridge (Tanker 2, Tanker 3).

Events Page Updated With:

Groton Annual Labor Day Parade & Muster, and

Berkshire Antique Fire Apparatus Assoc. Annual Show.


NEW 08/14: Photos & Info Added From:

MA DFS Incident Response (ORU-22), and 

Newton (NEW L-3, L-3 Rear, W-4).

Guest Photo Added From:

MA Forest Fire Control (7-0).

Thanks Joe!


NEW 08/15: Photos & Info Updated From:

Acton (E-21, E-22, E-24, NEW L-28, NEW R-34, R-29, B-25),

Boxborough (E-61, E-62, E-64, HW-65, T-67, E-68, C-66),

Hopkinton (E-4, A-3, NEW ATV),

Maynard (E-2, E-3, E-4, L-1, C-9), and

Southborough (NEW A-28, "New" B-24).

Apparatus of the Past Pages Updated With:

Acton (L-28), and

Southborough (B-24).


NEW 08/16: Photos & Info Updated From:

Uxbridge (NEW T-1, M-1).

Guest Photos Added From:

Lynnfield (R-2, S-3), and

Salem (S-1).

Thanks Chris!!


NEW 08/19: Photos & Info Added From:

Adams Ambulance (Unit 49, Station),

Adams Forest Wardens ("New" Brush 1),

Agawam (E-3, E-4, R-3),

Amherst (NEW E-2, E-3, E-4, E-5, L-1, Rescue 2, A-11, A-12, A-13, A-15, R-3, R-4),

Hawley (Engine 1),

Lenox ("Rehab" Truck 5),

North Adams Ambulance (Unit 4, Station),

Northampton (E-3, TL-1, Tanker 1, B-1, A-1, A-2, ATV, C-4),

Palmer (Forestry 1),

Pittsfield (E-6, FC-50, Truck 11, Station 6),

South Hadley District 1 (E-3, L-1, Medic 1),

South Hadley District 2 (E-2, E-4, R-4, B-2, A-2),

Southwick (E-2, NEW E-3, A-2),

Village Ambulance (Unit 2, Station),

Williamsburg ("New" Engine 3).

Apparatus of the Past Updated With Units From:

Amherst (Tanker 1), and

Williamsburg (Engine 3).

Guest Photos Added From:

MA Forest Fire Control (6-7), and

Oak Bluffs (Duty Chief).

Thanks Michael!

NOTE: South Hadley EMS Has Been Disbanded. Services & Ambulances Now Part Of Fire Districts.


NEW 08/21: Photo & Info Updates From:

Nantucket (NEW Engine 1).

Guest Photos Added From:

MA Forest Fire Control: (ATV, 1-3), and

Lincoln (Lonsdale), RI (Chief 4).

Thank You Joe, Michael & Ken!

Apparatus of the Past Updated With:

Nantucket (E-1).

LINKS PAGE Updated With Links From:

Ken LaBelle's Northern RI Fire Photos & ScanRI Sites.


NEW 08/30: Photos & Info Updated From:

Boylston (E-1, E-2, T-1, R-1, "New" F-1, C-2, A-1),

Holden (E-6, T-1, NEW A-1, A-2), and

Sterling (E-2, E-3, E-5, L-1, R-1, F-1, A-1, A-2).

Guest Photos Added From:

MA DFS Incident Response (ISU Tender),

Northampton (C-3, U-1, Boat 1), and

Sherman, Maine (E-1, E-2, S-1).

Thank You Bill, Dennis & Rick!!


NEW 09/04: Photos & Info Updated From:

Norfolk (E-1, E-2, S-1), and

Walpole (Station 1 HQ).

Guest Photo Added From:

Falmouth (Marine 1).


NEW 09/05: Photos & Info Updated From:

Brewster (NEW E-234, NEW E-239, F-240, S-230, Annex),

Cape Cod Seashore Fire (NEW Wellfleet Station),

C-O-MM ("New" Dive 319),

Cotuit (NEW S-260),

Eastham (S-160),

Falmouth (NEW E-22, NEW E-23, NEW A-35, A-35 Rear),

Kingston (E-2),

Plymouth (E-6, E-10, FF-176, Station 5, Station 6),

Wellfleet (E-95, NEW A-99), and

West Barnstable (SH-287, T-286).


NEW 09/06: Photos & Info Added & Updated From:

Hampden (E-9M1, E-9M2, E-9M4, T-9M3, T-9M5, BT, ATV, Antique),

Oakham (E-1, "New" E-2, E-3, Rehab T-1),

Palmer Ambulance (NEW A-1, A-4),

Palmer-Three Rivers (E-1, E-2, E-3, R-4), 

Paxton (NEW Station 1 HQ), and

Wilbraham ("New" Forestry, NEW Rescue).

Guest Photo Added From:

Duxbury (NEW Marine 1).

Thanks Rob!!

Apparatus of the Past Updated With Units From:

Oakham (E-2, R-7),

Palmer Ambulance (A-4), and

Wilbraham (M-1).


NEW 09/07: Updated Worcester Info & Assignments - Station 12 Closed.

LINK Added For Andrew Cunningham's Site.


NEW 09/13: Photos & Info Added & Updated From:

Erving ("New" Brush 1),

FCAM (FC-40),

Greenfield (E-3, E-5, T-1, R-1, ATV),

MA Forest Fire Control (9-1, 9-2, Smokey Bear),

Northampton (NEW A-2, E-4),

Northfield ("New" R-1, E-2), and

Shelburne (E-1, T-1).

Apparatus Of The Past Updated With:

Erving (Brush 1).

Guest Photos Added From:

MA Forest Fire Control (6-5, "New" Crew Bus), and

Wallum Lake {Burrillville}, RI (E-61, E-62).

Thanks Tom & Brad!!

EVENTS PAGE Updated With Lenox FD 100th Anniversary Info.

MA Scenic Page Updated With Long Island Bridge Photo.


NEW 09/19: Photos & Info Added & Updated From:

Ashland (Station 2 HQ),

Canton (NEW A-2),

Carlisle (NEW C-8),

Haverhill (NEW L-1),

Marlborough (NEW E-3, NEW T-1),

Marshfield (NEW E-1),

Natick (Station 1 HQ),

North Attleborough (Brush 1),

Randolph (NEW E-3),

Rowley (NEW E-1), and

Wellesley (NEW E-1, E-1 Rear).

Rhode Island Apparatus Updates From:

Bristol (NEW R-3),

Pawtucket (NEW E-3), and

Dunns Corners {Westerly} (NEW Tower 5).

Apparatus Of The Past Pages Updated With Units From:

Carlisle (C-8),

Marshfield (E-5),

Pawtucket, RI (E-3),

Randolph (E-2),

Rockland (E-1),

Rockport (E-2), and

Wellesley (E-4).

EVENTS Page Updated With Bedford Day Parade.


NEW 09/19 (#2): Photos & Info Added & Updated From:

Dartmouth District 3 (E-4, NEW T-1, T-1 Rear, F-1),

Fall River (Scope 5), and

Freetown (E-82, F-92, FF-84).

(NOTE: Fall River E-12 Reassigned As Reserve E-29).

Rhode Island Updates From:

Little Compton (NEW E-2), and

Portsmouth (NEW R-1, R-3).

Apparatus Of The Past Updated With:

Dartmouth Tanker 1.


NEW 09/20: Photos & Info Added From:

Uxbridge (F-2).

Rhode Island Photos & Info Updated From:

Foster Ambulance Corps (R-1, R-4, Station 4 HQ),

Foster {Foster Center} (E-3, E-4, B-3),

Foster {South Foster} (E-1, NEW T-1, U-1), and

Scituate {Potterville} (E-52, T-51, B-53, R-4).

Guest Photo Added From:

North Providence ("New" E-1).

Thank You George.

Apparatus Of The Past Updated With Units From:

Glocester {Chepachet}, RI (R-1),

Glocester {West Glocester}, RI (B-34), and

Foster {South Foster}, RI (T-1).


NOTE: Foster Center FD has purchased a pre-owned Seagrave to run as Engine 5. 

This truck is in need of a Federal Q2B siren. If you have one you wish to dispose of

 or know of one that they could get, please E-MAIL me and I will pass along the info. 

Thank you!


NEW 09/24: MAFT MILESTONE!! 800,000 HITS!!!

Thank You To Everyone For Your Wonderful Support!

Guest Photo & Info Added From:

Burrillville {Harrisville}, RI (Antique Engine 2).

Thank You Chief!!


NEW 09/25: Photos & Info Added & Updated From:

Framingham (Station 2),

Sherborn (A-1, E-5), and

Wayland (A-2, E-2, F-1, C-3, Antique Engine 5).


NEW 09/27: Photos & Info Updated From:

Douglas (E-4, B-1, EA-1, EA-2),

Millbury (E-1, E-2, E-3, E-4, E-5, H-1, R-1, F-1),

Northbridge (E-1, E-2, E-8, L-1, S-1), and

Sutton (E-1, E-2, T-1, T-2, T-4, R-1, S-2, F-2, F-3, SOU, ATV).


NEW 10/02: Photo Added From:

Boston (NEW W-12 Air Supply Unit).

Guest Photo Added From:

Reading (NEW E-1).

Thanks Kevin!!

EVENTS PAGE Updated With Berkshire SPAAMFAA Apparatus Show.


NEW 10/10: Photos & Info Added From:

Groveland (NEW Engine 1), and

Reading (NEW Engine 1).

Guest Photos Added From:

Boston Sparks (A-10, A-11),

Boxborough (NEW E-63, NEW T-67), and

Barrington, RI (NEW E-2, Retired E-2).

Thanks Arthur, Andrew & Ed!!!

EVENTS PAGE Updated With:

Bare Cove Fire Museum Firehouse Night 2009.


NEW 10/12: Photos & Info Added and Updated From:

Agawam (NEW R-2),

Arlington (NEW L-1),

Chester (E-2, R-2, T-2),

Greenfield (E-2),

Holyoke (E-1, E-3, E-4, E-5, E-6, E-7, T-2),

Lanesborough (E-1, E-2, Tanker 3, Truck 4, R-6, F-7, C-1),

North Adams Ambulance (U-2, U-3, S-1),

Village Ambulance (Unit 1), and

West Springfield (Med 3).

Apparatus of the Past Updated With Units From:

Arlington (L-2),

Great Barrington (E-3),

Lanesborough (R-8, L-1), and

Pittsfield (E-8).

Massachusetts Scenic Photos Updated With Foliage Photos From:

Hancock (Route 43) & North Adams (Route 2).

LINK Added For Ed Harvey's Fire Service Photography Site.


NEW 10/17: Photos & Info Updated From:

Billerica EMS (NEW P-15, P-150),

Boxborough (NEW E-63, NEW T-67), and

Tewksbury (NEW A-1, A-3).

EVENTS PAGE Updated With: 

MA Mid State Mutual Aid Association 5th Annual Dinner.


NEW 10/19: Photos & Info Added From:

Walpole (NEW Ambulance 2, A-2 Rear).

Past Apparatus Page Updated With Walpole A-2.


NEW 10/25: Photos & Info Added From:

Braintree (L-2, F-1, HM-1),

Bridgewater ("New" E-1),

Cohasset (NEW A-1, A-1 Rear, R-3),

East Bridgewater (NEW A-3, A-3 Rear, T-1),

Foxborough (NEW S-1, S-1 Rear),

Hanover (L-1, A-1),

Marshfield (E-5, F-3),

Northbridge (NEW E-1),

Quincy (Station 3), and

Raynham (Tanker 1, F-1, A-1).

Guest Photos Added From:

Boston Sparks Assoc. (E-2, Station/Museum),

Lowell (NEW Haz-Mat Unit),

Sherman, ME (E-1, T-1, HQ), and

Warren, RI (NEW E-6).

Thanks Arthur, Michael, Rick, & Dan!!


NEW 10/29: Photos & Info Updated From:

Berlin (E-1, E-2),

Berlin Rescue (6A, 6R),

Devens (E-2, E-3, E-5, E-6, L-1),

Dunstable ("New" F-1), 

Groton (R-1), and

Lancaster (E-1, E-3, R-1).


NEW 11/01: Photos & Info Updated From:

Barre EMS (NEW 5A-1), and

Worcester (E-5, E-15, Special Ops.).

Apparatus of the Past Updated with Barre EMS 5A-1.


NEW 11/05: EVENTS Page Updated With:

Newton Fire Station 4 Re-Dedication & Open House - November 12th


NEW 11/06: Photos & Info Added From:

Gloucester (NEW Ladder 1),

Glocester {Chepachet},  RI (Rescue 1), and

North Smithfield, RI (NEW Tanker 1).

Apparatus of the Past Pages Updated With:

Gloucester (L-1), and

North Smithfield, RI (Tanker 1).


NEW 11/08: Photos & Info Added From:

Ashland (NEW Dive Unit, E-1, E-2, A-2),

Auburn (NEW E-3, R-1, A-3),

Beverly (NEW Truck 1),

Lynn (NEW E-3, Spare E-3, T-4, Medic 1),

Marblehead (E-1, E-2, E-3, L-1),

Revere (E-1),

Rockport (NEW E-2),

Rockport Ambulance (NEW A-1, A-2, Station),

Salem (E-1, E-2, E-4, E-5, E-6, L-1, S-1, Station 6), and

Swampscott (NEW E-21, E-22, L-21, S-21).

Apparatus Of The Past Pages Updated With:

Auburn (E-3), Beverly (L-1), Rockport (E-2), Swampscott (E-22).

Guest Photos Added From:

Smithfield, RI (NEW Medic 2), and

Wayland (Fire Medic 1).

Thank You George & Kevin!


NEW 11/13: Photos & Info Added From:

East Longmeadow (NEW Engine 3), and

Somerset (NEW Ladder 1).

LINK Added For: Site.


NEW 11/22: Photos & Info Added From:

Attleboro (Ladder 1),

Chicopee (F-1, M-1, M-4),

Granby (T-1, B-1, R-2, "New" R-3),

Holyoke (NEW C-29),

Leverett (E-1),

Rehoboth EMS (A-35),

Seekonk (E-1, E-2, E-4),

South Deerfield (NEW S-1, R-34),

South Hadley D1 (NEW E-1, E-3, B-1, M-3, M-5, P-1, HQ), and

Springfield (Rehab Unit).

Apparatus of the Past Pages Update With Units From:

Chicopee (E-4), Holyoke (C-29), 

Sandwich (E-452, A-457), South Hadley  D1 (E-3).

Guest Photos Added From:

Warren, RI (NEW E-5, NEW E-6, Rehab Station 6).

Thank you Christopher!!



Pelham & Wales Department Pages Updated With New FD Web Links.


NEW 11/29: Photos & Info Updated From:

Charlton (E-1, E-3, R-1, T-1, T-2, FF-1, A-1, A-2, A-3),

Dudley (E-4, F-1, F-2, A-1),

North Brookfield (E-2, E-3, R-1, NEW Tower 1, Added T-1 Photo),

North Brookfield EMS (A-1, A-2),

Webster EMS (P-1, "New" P-3), and

Wrentham (Squad 1, Rehab Squad 2).

Apparatus of the Past Pages Updated With Units From:

Charlton (E-5), North Brookfield (L-1), and

Webster EMS (A-3).



Ten years ago today, tragedy struck the City of Worcester, specifically

the Worcester Fire Department. Six Worcester firefighters, Paul Brotherton

Lt. Timothy Jackson, James Lyons, Jeremiah Lucey, Joseph McGuirk, and

Lt. Thomas Spencer paid the ultimate sacrifice in the infamous Worcester Cold Storage

inferno. It was an catastrophe that brought the City, the region, the State and even the Nation

together to remember and honor six brave men who gave their lives trying to save others. 

Please take a moment today to say a prayer for these men, for their families and

for their brother firefighters & friends, and for all firefighters & public safety personnel

who have given their lives in the line of duty. They all truly deserve those prayers and the understanding

  that their sacrifices will never be forgotten.


The Worcester Telegram & Gazette has put together an amazing special section on the

Cold Storage Fire on this 10th anniversary. Please click here to link to that site.


Thank You & God Bless!!! 


NEW 12/13: Photo Added Of Holliston Forest Fire 3.

Guest Photos Added From:

Holden (NEW E-1), 

Hanover, NH (NEW A-1 & NEW R-1), and

MA DFS (TSU 70).

Thanks Joshua, Mark & Bill!!

Info Updated For Framingham Fire.

LINK Added For Plymouth County Fire Chiefs Site.


NEW 12/18: Photo Added Of Sterling NEW Ambulance 2.


NEW 12/27: Photos & Info Updated With:

Tyringham ("New" Rescue 1).

Guest Photos Added From:

Bridgewater (NEW A-4),

Worcester EMS (NEW P-1, NEW P-2, Supervisor).

Thanks Mark & Andy!!

Manufacturer's List Updated With Custom Fire.

Plainville Fire Info Page Updated With New Engine 2.

Former Plainville Engine 2 Moved To Past Pages.


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