NEW 01/01/08: Photos & Info from Dighton (E-2) and Seekonk (NEW R-3).

Webmaster's Note: This weather stinks!! It is killing all opportunities for good photos!


NEW 01/05: Photo of Lincoln NEW Engine 3.

Also, Weston info updated with former Fords E-2 & E-4 retired.


NEW 01/12: Photos & Info from Cambridge (NEW E-1), 

and Egremont (NEW E-4). 

LINK Added For Alan Brackett's First Due Images.

MAFT Milestone!! 300,000 Visits Recorded January 10, 2007!!


NEW 01/13: Photos & Info Added From:

Cotuit (NEW A-262),

Dennis (NEW E-107),

Franklin (Repainted E-4),

Otis ANG (NEW S-415, E-407),

Sandwich (NEW E-451, NEW A-456),

West Barnstable (NEW A-293), and

Yarmouth (NEW Station 3).


NEW 01/18: Photos from Dover (NEW R-1, E-2).


NEW 01/20: Photos & Info Added From:

Newton (NEW E-7),

Watertown (NEW L-2), and

Weston (NEW E-3, L-1).


NEW 01/31: Photos & Info Added From Walpole (NEW C-1, "New" C-4)


NEW 02/03: Super Sunday Photos & Info Added From:

Bridgewater (NEW E-3),

Halifax (L-1, FF-54),

Hanover (NEW FF-2, E-2, E-4, R-1),

Marion (Breaker 2),

Marshfield (NEW P-1, P-2, P-3, E-3, Q-1, F-3),

Norfolk (NEW E-2), and

Norwood (NEW Squad 3).


NEW 02/08: Photo & Info Added From Leyden (NEW Tanker 1)


NEW 02/10: Info Updates From Cheshire, Chester, Florida and Granby.

Apparatus of the Past Updated With Florida & Granby Rigs. 


NEW 02/16: Photos & Info Added From:

Boston (NEW L-2, NEW L-9, Rehab L-25),

Cambridge (NEW E-5, E-6, Rehab E-8, R-2),

Hopkinton (NEW A-1),

Northborough (NEW A-1),

Waltham (NEW E-4), and 

Watertown (E-2, L-1, NEW L-2).

Guest Photo From Cheshire (NEW Truck 5). Thanks Tom!



NEW 02/20: Photos & Info Added From:

Belmont (NEW E-3), and

Lime Rock {Lincoln}, RI (NEW E-32)


NEW 02/24: Photos & Info Added From:

Bolton (E-5),

Lancaster ("NEW" R-1),

Leominster (R-1, R-2),

Oakham (NEW A-1),

Princeton ("NEW" S-1, E-4),

Rutland (NEW E-1),

Shirley (Rehab L-1, E-3, E-4, E-5),

Sterling ("NEW" R-1, L-1), and

Uxbridge (NEW R-2).

Guest Photos From Mass. Forest Fire Control (14-1), and

New Bedford (Airport Crash 9). Thank you Tom & Joseph!

LINKS Added To:

Scott LaPrade's Smoke Showing Photography and

Vincent Appolonio's Fire Photography 


NEW 03/01: Photos & Info From Providence, RI (NEW R-1, NEW R-4),

and Apparatus of The Past Updated With Newton E-16.

Guest Photos From Lee EMS (U-1, U-2, HQ). Thank You Matt!!


NEW 03/03: Events Page Update With Whitman Firefighters MDA Shamrock Party


NEW 03/07: Photos & Info Added From:

Brookfield (E-1, NEW E-2),

Orange (NEW L-1), and

Sunderland (E-2, E-3, E-4, B-1, NEW A-1)


NEW 03/09: Feature Added - Continental Fire Apparatus Gallery


NEW 03/15: Photos & Info Added From:

Marion ("New" L-1),

Nantucket (E-2, L-1, A-2, MM-1, MM-2, Annex),

Nantucket Airport (A-2, Sta.-2), and

Mass. Scenic Photo (Nantucket Aerial Photo).

Guest Photos Added For

Lenox NEW A-1 and Norfolk's Past Continental Ladder 1.

Thank you Jake & Ed!!


NEW 03/22: Photos & Info Added From:

North Reading (NEW E-1, E-4),

Pepperell (NEW T-1, E-1),

Reading (NEW E-2, C-3),

Westford (NEW R-10),

Winchester (E-6, Lighting 1, P-5), and

Woburn (E-5, Spare Engine).

Guest Photos Added From Chelsea (L-2). Thanks Doug!

Events Page Updated With Rhode Island Antique Assoc. Event.

LINKS Page Updated With Eric Fellows Fire Pics Site.

PAST APPARATUS Page Updated With Units From

Bridgewater, Burlington, North Reading, Pepperell & Reading.


NEW 03/24: Photos & Info From:

Bridgewater (NEW Tower 1), and

Burlington (NEW Tower 1).


NEW 03/29: Rhode Island Photos & Info Added From:

Burrillville {Harrisville} (NEW M-2, L-2),

Coventry {Central Coventry} (E-4, Station 1)

Hopkinton {Hope Valley Wyoming} (E-912, E-913, E-915, E-917, L-911

SH-900, T-916, T-919, B-914, S920, S-921, Camp Station),

Johnston (NEW R-1, E-1),

Lincoln {Lime Rock} (NEW E-32),

North Providence (NEW R-1),

Scituate {Chopmist Hill} (E-61, Former E-61), and 

West Greenwich (E-21, E-22, T-23, Tower 1, S-25, R-2, Station 2).

A big thank you to Deputy Johnson and the troops in Hope Valley 

as well as all the folks in West Greenwich for the extra help today!!


NEW 03/30: Photos & Info Added From:

Grafton (E-3, R-1, B-3, T-1),

Mendon (E-1, R-1, A-2, NEW HQ),

Upton (E-1, E-2, E-3, R-1, L-1, B-1, "NEW" T-1, T-2, M-1), and

Worcester (E-7, E-12).


NEW 04/02: Photo & Info Added From Taunton (NEW Engine 1).

Guest Photo Added From Lenox (E-6). Thanks Joe!


NEW 04/03: Added Updated Photo Of Walpole Engine 4.

Happy Birthday Susie!



Clark County, NV (E-11, E-18, T-18, HR-21, HazMat 24, R-11, R-21, Sta.-11, Sta.-18 HQ, Sta.-21),

Las Vegas (E-10, Air Resources, Sta.-10),

Los Angeles County (E-127, Squad 36, Sta.-127, Training Engines, HQ),

Santa Monica (E-497, HazMat, Station 3),

Carlsbad, CA (E-2215, B-2262, M-2295), and

San Diego (E-40, B-40, M-40).

Special Feature Added Of Los Angeles County Fire Department & Squad 51 Visit

A HUGE THANK YOU To All The Folks Who Helped Make This Update Possible!!


NEW 04/27: Photos & Info Added From:

Andover (E-3, F-2),

Bedford (E-3),

Concord (NEW E-3, E-5, E-8, L-1),

Lexington (NEW F-1, C-5),

Marlborough (E-1, E-2, E-3, E-5, C-7, NEW Air-1),

Sudbury (E-1, E-2), and

Winchester (NEW P-5).

Guest Photos from Chester (NEW E-1) and Shelburne Falls (NEW A-1). Thanks Caleb & Harry!

Apparatus of the Past Units added from Marlborough (E-4, L-1), Savoy (T-4, R-5, F-7),

Shelburne Falls (A-1), and Westport (E-4).

Events Page updated with Providence Citywide Fire Photo Night.


NEW 04/30: Photo Added Of Walpole's NEW ATV


NEW 05/02: Events Page Updated With Walpole's 50th Night Before The 4th Parade Details

and Photo Added Of Franklin's NEW Station 1 HQ.


NEW 05/10: Feature Added - Fire Apparatus Manufacturer Listing

Guest Photos Added From Acton (NEW B-25) and District 14 (Ambulance).

Thanks Andy!


NEW 05/11: Photos & Info from Mendon (E-2, E-4, B-1, NEW Station 1 HQ),

Millis (E-1, E-2, E-3, E-5, L-1), and

Apparatus Of The Past Updated With Millis E-4.

Guest Photos Added From Fall River (E-24) and New Bedford (Crash 9).

Thank You Scott & Joe!


NEW 05/14: Events Page Updated With Rockport EMS Day THIS SUNDAY!


NEW 05/15: Photos & Info Added From:

Barnstable County Fire Academy (E-2, E-3, E-26, E-47, Station), 

Brewster (E-233, E-234),

Chatham (NEW A-184, E-185),

Hyannis (E-822, E-823, E-826, HR-821, "NEW" D-810, A-827), 

DCR MAFFC District 1 (1-0, 1-2, 1-5),

Onset (Rehab B-148),

Orleans (NEW A-172, A-174, E-175),

Wellfleet (E-95, L-93, NEW F-90), 

Westborough (NEW M-2), and

Yarmouth (NEW E-42).

Guest Photo Added From MAFFC District 8 (NEW 8-1). Thanks Tom!

Apparatus Of The Past Photos Added From Brewster (A-244), Chatham (A-184),

Hyannis (D-810), Onset (E-2), Orleans (A-172, E-178), Oxford (E-3),

Westborough (M-2), and Yarmouth (A-55). 


NEW 05/17: Photos & Info Added From:

Attleboro (NEW R-2, E-2),

Blackstone (E-51, E-52, E-54, B-55, L-1, T-1, T-2, A-1, D-1),

North Attleborough (E-4, L-2),

North Cumberland, RI (E-54, T-5, B-51), and

North Smithfield, RI (NEW R-1, L-2). 

Geuest Photos Added Of: Leominster ("New" E-7), Plainfield (NEW R-10), 

Rehoboth EMS (NEW A-30), Tisbury (NEW T-90), and Yarmouth (NEW A-55).

Thank you Tom and Mark!!


NEW 05/20: Photos & Info Added From:

Athol (NEW A-2),

Brewster (NEW A-244),

Franklin (NEW Tower 1), and

Norton (NEW R-1)


NEW 05/23: Updated Photos Added From Franklin (NEW Tower 1, NEW Station 1HQ)


NEW 05/24: Photos & Info Added From:

Leicester (E-1, NEW E-2, E-3, E-4, Scope 1, R-1, NEW F-1, "NEW" F-2, F-3),

Leicester EMS (A-1, A-2), and

New Braintree (NEW R-1, T-1, F-1).

Apparatus Of The Past Updated With Leicester F-3 & E-1.

LINKS Added For Kevin Soucie's Worcester Area Fire Photos and

Bill Friedrich's Chicagoland Fire Apparatus.

EVENTS PAGE Updated With Mendon Fire's New Station Open House

On June 8th From Noon Until 3PM.

A Big Thank You To Chief Bob Wilson of Leicester Fire and 

Chief Dennis Letendre of New Braintree Fire for their help with today's photos!!


NEW 05/25: Photos & Info Updated From:

Onset (E-2, L-1, B-149, S-1, S-3), and

Plymouth (E-1, E-2, E-5, L-2, R-1, NEW Sp. Ops., FF-1, FF-2, FF-8, FF-9, FF-375, Tanker 2).

Apparatus Of The Past Updated With Plymouth E-9.


NEW 05/26: Photos & Info Updated From Medfield (E-1, E-2, E-3, L-1, Rehab B-1, R-89).


NEW 05/31: Photos & Info Added From:

Becket Ambulance Department (A-1),

Chester (NEW E-1),

Cummington (NEW Station 1 HQ, Reserve Engine),

Egremont (NEW R-8),

Florida (NEW T-4, NEW R-6, Rehab Tr.-5),

Granby (NEW A-1, E-2, E-3),

Hampshire County Fire Defense ("New" Air & Light Unit),

Hancock (E-7, T-5, Station 2),

Hilltown Ambulance (NEW A-1, A-2),

Hinsdale (E-2, E-3, Rescue 4, NEW Rehab 6,, NEW T-7, NEW A-5),

Lee EMS (Station),

Lee (E-1, E-2, E-3, E-5, T-4, F-1),

Lenox (E-1, E-3, E-6, Tr.-5, Tr.7),

MA DCR Forest Fire Control (District 12 HQ)

North Adams (Rehab E-1, E-2, E-3, L-2),

Palmer Ambulance (A-2, A-3, A-4, Station),

Pittsfield (E-1, E-2, E-3, E-4, NEW E-5, E-7, E-8, Tr.-1, Tr.-2, S-3, R-2),

Plainfield (NEW R-10, T-2, NEW Station 1 HQ),

Sandisfield ("New" T-1),

Shelburne Falls (NEW A-1),

South Deerfield (NEW Tower 1),

West Stockbridge (NEW R-3), and

Whately (E-2, E-3, E-4, B-1, A-1),

Worthington (Station 1 HQ).

Apparatus Of The Past Updated With Units From Barre (L-1), Egremont (R-8),

Hinsdale (A-5, A&L-7, T-9), Pittsfield (E-4, Tr.-10), Plainfield (R-10),

Sandisfield (T-2), and West Stockbridge (R-3)

Thank you to all who helped with this Western MA Update!!! 

Guest Photo Of Barre's New  Ladder 1. Thanks Andrew!


NEW 06/01: Photos & Info Updated From:

 Westwood: (E-1, E-5, L-1, S-1, B-1, A-1, A-2).

Guest Photos Added From:

 MA DCR Forest Fire Control (8-5, 10-1). Thanks Tom!!


NEW 06/05: MAFT Milestone! 400,000 Visits!!!


NEW 06/08: - Vacation Photos From:

 Washington D.C. (E-16, T-3, Command Unit, Spare Rescue).

Guest Photos From Concord (NEW A-1), and Easthampton (NEW L-1).

Thank you Andrew, Greg and Dave!

Events Page Updated With West Boylston Parade & Muster Info.

Apparatus Of The Past Updated With Units From Concord (A-1),

Easthampton (L-1), and Templeton (E-2).


NEW 06/11: Updated Photos Added From Franklin (E-4, B-3).


NEW 06/15: Photos & Info Added From:

Acton (NEW B-25, E-24),

Essex (NEW E-2),

Gloucester (R-2),

Hopkinton (E-1, E-2, R-1, T-1, A-2),

Lexington (NEW E-1), and

Marlborough (L-2, R-1).

Guest Photo Added Of Pembroke NEW A-1. Thanks Mark!

Past Apparatus Photos Added From: Acton (E-26, E-27), Essex (E-2),

Pembroke (A-1), and Winchendon (E-1).

Events Page Updated With Westford Fire 100th Anniversary Events.


NEW 06/18: Photos & Info Added From:

Mashpee (NEW A-362), and

Natick (NEW E-4)


NEW 06/21: Photos & Info Updated From:

Brockton (L-1, Special Ops.),

Carver EMS (A-1, A-2, Station),

Chicopee (E-16, T-1),

Chilmark (NEW B-131),

Hanover (NEW A-3),

Hanson (Rehab E-2, E-3, T-1, FF-1),

Holyoke (NEW E-1),

Ludlow (E-1, E-2, E-3, T-1, Dry Chem. Unit),

Oak Bluffs (L-551), 

Pembroke (NEW A-1, E-8, Rescue),

Plympton (NEW R-1, NEW A-1),

Springfield (E-10, Arson Unit),

Tolland (NEW R-1), and

West Bridgewater (E-1, E-2, E-3, L-1, FF-3, R-237, R-238, NEW HQ).

Guest Photos From Reading (E-1, E-3). Thanks Kevin!

Apparatus Of The Past (Or Soon To Be Past!) Updated With Units From

Chicopee (L-5), Chilmark (B-131), Dover (E-4), Lunenburg (E-3), Mashpee (A-361, A-362),

Millis (A-49), Nantucket (R-1), Natick (E-5), North Andover (C-8), Plympton (E-2),

Rockland (A-1), Salisbury (L-1), Southbridge (Sq.-2, E-3), Tolland (R-1), and Yarmouth (A-56).


NEW 06/26: Photos & Info Updated From:

Abington (NEW E-3)

Ashburnham (Rehab L-1, F-4, F-6),

Barre (NEW L-1, NEW F-2),

Barre EMS (5A, 5A1, Station),

Devens (E-4, NEW R-1, Storage Building),

Erving (NEW E-2),

Fitchburg (E-6, L-2, Special Ops., R-3),

Gill (E-1, E-2, E-3, S-1)

Leominster (L-1, L-2, "New" E-7),

Nantucket (NEW A-1),

Orange (E-1, E-3, L-1, S-6, "New" F-7, "New" A-3, Annex),

Petersham ("New" 23F-2),

Southbridge (NEW S-2),

Templeton ("New" F-1, A-1, NEW A-2),

Turners Falls (E-1, E-2, E-3, L-5, B-1), and

Yarmouth (NEW A-56).


NEW 06/27: Photos & Info Added And Updated From:

Boston (NEW L-1, NEW L-16, NEW L-28), and

Norton (E-1, E-3, Spare Engine, L-1, SHU, Squad 1, Squad 3, F-2).


NEW 06/28: Updated Photos Added From Hopedale (E-2, Re-Painted A-1).


NEW 06/30: Photos & Info Updated & Added From:

Brimfield ("NEW" B-1),

Brimfield Ambulance Service (A-1, A-2, Station),

Chicopee (E-1),

Easthampton (NEW L-1),

Holyoke (E-4),

New Salem ("NEW" E-2, E-4, B-1), and

Sutton (NEW F-1, E-3, E-4).

Guest Photo Added From North Kingstown, RI (NEW R-3). Thanks Mark!



Tomorrow (Thursday) evening the Walpole Fire Department will celebrate

their 50th Annual NIGHT BEFORE THE 4th PARADE.

Come celebrate America's Birthday by being part of this special

anniversary event. Please visit this link  

or e-mail [email protected] for more information.


NEW 07/06: A weekend of clouds & some rain prevented new photos 

at this time. I'll be back at it shortly with updates and a new photo 

feature. Thanks as always for your visits to!


NEW 07/07: Events Page Updated With North Attleborough Firefighters 

28th Annual Kids Day - This Saturday July 12th!


NEW 07/10: Photos & Info Updated From:

Canton (Rehab E-7), and

 Lunenburg (NEW S-3).

Guest Photo From Swansea EMS (NEW MR-2).

Apparatus Of The Past Updated With Units From

Framingham (E-9), Goshen (E-4), and Swansea EMS (MR-2).

LINKS PAGE Updated With FD Links From: Erving, Middlefield,

Taunton, Tyringham, and West Stockbridge.

Middleborough Info Updated With L-1 Removed From Active Service.


NEW 07/11: Photos & Info Updated From:

Duxbury (E-1, NEW A-2, NEW ORV-1),

Hingham (E-1, E-2, Q-1, S-1, M-1, C-49, NEW Sta.-1 HQ),

Marshfield (E-1, E-2, E-4, E-5, F-1), and

Scituate (E-4, E-5, NEW R-1, R-2).


NEW 07/12: Rhode Island Photos & Info Added From:

Block Island (E-1, E-3, L-1, Tanker 1, Truck 4, R-1, R-2, Sta.-1 HQ, Annex), and

North Kingstown (E-3, SH-1, NEW R-3).


NEW 07/13: Updated Photo Added Of Franklin Squad 7.


NEW 07/16: Photos & Info Updated From Dover (E-1, E-3, NEW E-4, S-1, S-2).

NOTES: Natick will keep both E-5 and the Old E-2 as spares when E-4 goes in service.

Mendon Tanker 3 still in service housed at Station 2 (Former HQ).

EVENTS PAGE Updated With Wenham Public Safety Day & Parade.


NEW 07/25: Photos & Info Updated From:

Milton (Rehab E-3, E-4, L-1, Station 4),

Quincy (E-6, L-2, L-5, Station 4).

Guest Photos Added From:

Belchertown (NEW E-2),

North Andover (NEW A-1, A-2), and 

Oxford (NEW E-3).

Thanks Andy, Ed & Jeff!!


NEW 07/27: Photos & Info Updated From:

Dudley (E-2, E-3, L-1, ISU),

Oxford (NEW E-3, E-4, T-1, R-1, A-2, P-1, Special Ops., Annex),

Southbridge (E-1, E-2, NEW E-3, T-1, L-1, NEW F-1, F-2, F-3, R-2), and

Webster EMS (P-2, A-3, A-4, Station).


NEW 07/28: Photos & Info Updated For Boston (NEW E-10, NEW E-28, NEW E-39).


NEW 08/01: Photos & Info From:

Abington (E-2, E-4, R-1, R-2),

Ashby ("New" Engine),

Brockton (E-4, E-10),

Cohasset (E-3, "Rehab" R-3),

Easton (L-1, FF-1, FF-2),

Hingham (E-4),

Hull (E-1, E-2, E-4, L-1, R-2, Station 1 HQ), and

Rockland (E-1, NEW A-1).

Apparatus of the Past Updated With Hull E-3.

Thank you to all who helped out today on a great picture day!!


NEW 08/02: Photos & Info From:

Rehoboth EMS (NEW A-30, EMS-1),

Swansea (E-1, E-4, E-6, E-8, L-1),

Swansea Volunteer Ambulance Corps (NEW A-1), and

Taunton (E-3, E-5, E-9, E-21, S-1, L-2, L-3, R-1, F-1).

Swansea F-5 Added To Past Units Page.


NEW 08/04: Photos & Info From:

Acton (E-21),

Arlington (NEW E-1),

Belmont (E-2, L-1),

Cambridge (E-4),

Concord (NEW A-1, E-7),

Harvard (Station 2),

Harvard Ambulance (9A, HQ),

Lincoln (E-1, E-3, L-1, C-2, C-3, A-3, ATV),

Newton (NEW E-2, E-12, L-1, L-4), and

Watertown (NEW R-1, R-2).

Guest Photos Added From Chester (E-2, R-2, T-2) and Smithfield, RI (Past M-4).

Thank You Caleb & George.


NEW 08/09: Updated Photos Added From:

Boston (Ladder 11),

MA District 14 (Command Unit),

Grafton (Station 2), and

Shrewsbury (E-3, E-4 & NEW Station 1 HQ).


NEW 08/10: Photos & Info Updated From:

Boston (Brush Unit 55),

Dedham (E-2, E-3, E-4, E-5, L-1, L-2, S-1, S-3), and

Westwood (E-2, S-2, Dive Unit).


NEW 08/13: Photo & Info Added From Millis (NEW A-49)

EVENTS PAGE Updated With Groton Labor Day Parade & Muster.


NEW 08/15: Photos & Info Updated From:

Bolton (E-1, E-2, E-4),

Bolton Ambulance (NEW A-63),

MA Dept. Of Fire Services (NEW ISU-1), and

Stow (E-12, E-14, E-15, E-17, E-18, A-16).


NEW 08/16: Photos & Info Added From:

Auburn (E-1, E-3, A-1, A-2, "New" F-1),

Belchertown (NEW E-2),

Belchertown EMS (R-1, R-2, R-4, Station),

Palmer {Bondsville} (E-1, E-2, T-1, S-3, F-1, Mule),

Sturbridge (E-1, E-2, E-4, E-5, R-1), and

Wilbraham (E-1, E-2, S-51).

Past Apparatus Page Updated With Units From:

Auburn (F-1, Dive Unit), and

Belchertown (E-1, F-4, Fire Museum).


NEW 08/17: Photos & Info Added From:

Malden (NEW Station 4),

Peabody (E-3, E-4, E-26, L-2),

Reading (E-3),

Revere (NEW Station 3), and

Wakefield (E-1, NEW Squad 1).

Past Apparatus Page Updated With:

Lynnfield (Tower 1).

NOTE: Melrose Ladder 2 On Loan To Lynnfield FD.


NEW 08/20: Photos & Info Added From:

Orleans (NEW T-176, E-177),

Otis ANG Fire ("New" F-403, "New" F-404, F-405, E-406, E-407, E-410, B-408, B-409, S-415),

Sandwich (E-453),

US Army 180th Engineers Fire Unit (TFFT), and

Yarmouth (E-43, E-44, E-48, S-50).

Apparatus Of The Past Page Updated With Units From:

Orleans (L-176), and 

OTIS ANG Fire (F-403, F-404) - Redeployed By US Air Force.


NEW 08/21: Photos Updated From:

Natick (E-1, E-3, E-5, A-2), and

Newton (E-1, E-3, E-4, E-11, L-3, ERU).


NEW 08/24: Photos & Info Added From:

Ashby ("New" E-4, A-201),

North Andover (NEW A-1, A-2),

Rutland (NEW A-1),

Tewksbury (NEW E-7, R-1), and

Townsend (E-3, E-4, F-2, TEMP R-1, R-3).

Apparatus of the Past Page Updated With:

Ashby (E-4),

Rutland (A-1), and

Townsend (R-1, L-1).


NEW 08/31: Photos & Info Updated From:

Douglas (E-1, E-2, L-1, T-1, R-1, F-3).


NEW 09/13: Guest Photos Added From:

Cape Cod National Seashore (E-270),

Mass. Forest Fire Control (8-3, 9-0, 9-1, 9-2, 9-3, 11-3), and

New Bedford ("New" E-5).

Thank you Tom & Brian.

EVENTS PAGE Updated With Southern N.E. FOOLS 2nd Annual H.O.T. WEEKEND


NEW 09/14: Photos & Info Updated From:

Medford (NEW E-5), and

Revere (NEW Station 1).

Apparatus Of The Past Page Updated With New Bedford EQ-5.

NOTE: Medford's Old E-5 will now be E-6, and Old E-6 will be a spare.


NEW 09/19: Photos & Info Added From:

Brookline (Tower 1),

Groveland (NEW Squad 2),

New Bedford (NEW E-8),

Plymouth (NEW E-2, NEW E-5),

Sudbury (NEW E-3),

Swansea (NEW E-1), and

Weston (NEW L-1).

Rhode Island Photos Added From:

Bristol (NEW L-1), 

Jamestown (NEW T-1, NEW T-2), and

Providence (NEW E-8, NEW E-11).

NOTE Several Of The Above Not Yet Delivered.

E-Ones Were On Display At Greenwood Open House.

Also On Display Was The New Maxim Prototype.

Guest Photo Added From:

Plympton (NEW E-2). Thanks Bob!

Apparatus Of The Past Page Updated With:

Bristol, RI (L-1), Jamestown, RI (T-1, T-15), Oak Bluffs (E-2),

Sudbury (E-4, A-5), Swansea (E-8), and Weston (L-1).

LINKS PAGE Updated With:


Paul MacCallum's Fire Photography Site.


NEW 09/24: Out Of N.E. Apparatus Page Updated With:

Richmond, VA (Quint 5, Quint 6).

A Huge Thank You To Lt. Kurt Gran and Lt. Pat Schoeffel!! They Deliver!


NEW 09/28: Guest Photos Added From:

Burlington (NEW E-2), and

Marlborough ("New" Fire Invest. Unit).

Thanks Scott & Andrew!

Apparatus Of The Past Page Updated With

Burlington E-3 and Northfield R-1.

Plymouth will Reassign the current E-2 to E-9 and E-5 to E-10. E-8 will be kept as a spare.

Northfield Has Reassigned E-3 To R-1. Southborough L-26 OOS Permanently.

Events Page Updated With Providence Citywide Fire Buff Video Night.

LINKS Page Updated With New Millis Fire Link.


NEW 10/04: Photos & Info Added From:

Framingham (E-1, E-3, R-1, P-2),

Holliston (E-1, NEW E-2, E-3, E-4, L-1, R-1, Dive Unit, A-3),

Lincoln (NEW E-2, F-1),

Sherborn (E-3),

Sudbury (NEW A-6, A-5, L-1, M-1, C-3),

Waltham (E-2, L-1, R-6), and

Weston (E-1, E-3, E-4, NEW L-1, R-1).

Thank you to Chief Cassidy and Ed Grady for setting up the Holliston Photos!

Apparatus Of The Past Page Updated With:

Holliston (E-2), and Waltham (L-1).

Note: Otis ANG Base Fire Now The 

Massachusetts Military Reservation Fire Department - Moved To "M" Page.

Guest Photo Added From:

Hanover (F-1).

Thanks Matt!


NEW 10/10: Photos & Info Added From:

Ayer (E-2, E-3, E-4, L-1, R-1, F-1, U-1, A-1, A-2, Station),

Chelmsford (NEW R-2, E-5),

Dracut (E-9),

Tyngsborough (E-1, E-2, E-7, E-10, L-1, T-1, S-1, Sta. 2, Sta. 3), and

Westford (E-1, E-2, E-6, S-2, B-1).

Apparatus of the Past Page Updated With:

Ayer (B-2), Boylston (E-4), Chelmsford (E-5, S-3).


NEW 10/11: Photos & Info Added & Updated From:

Carver EMS (NEW A-2),

Falmouth (E-20, E-21, E-24, L-26, B-16),

Harwich (NEW A-63),

Mashpee (NEW A-361, E-352, E-355, B-353, NEW Station 2),

Plymouth (E-3, FF-173, FF-176),

Sandwich ("New" T-464, E-452, F-465),

West Barnstable ("New" T-286), and

Yarmouth (NEW A-55, E-45, S-46).


NEW 10/12: Photos & Info Updated From:

Mansfield (E-2, E-3, E-4, T-1, S-1, S-3, S-5, R-33, R-34).

Apparatus of the Past Page Updated With:

Boylston (E-4), Carver EMS (A-2), Colrain (A-1), 

Franklin (T-1), Harwich (A-73), Mansfield (R-33).

Franklin has returned Tanker 1 to the State.


NEW 10/16: Photo Added From:

Springfield (NEW L-3)

MAFT Milestone Today - 500,000th Visitor!!

Thank You Again To All The Visitors, Contributors & Friends 

Of!! Your Support Makes This Possible!!


NEW 10/23: Photos Added From:

Fairhaven (NEW E-4), and

Rehoboth (NEW E-3).

Apparatus of the Past Page Updated With Units From:

Fairhaven (E-4), Freetown (E-83), Mattapoisett (U-1), and Upton (E-4).

Info Pages Updated For Brimfield & Westfield.

Upton E-4 Transferred To Brimfield. Sandwich T-464 Chassis Transferred To Upton.

Continental Gallery Updated With Former Holbrook E-1. Thanks Chief!!

RI Guest Photo Added From Barrington/Hampden Meadows (E-4). Thanks Mark!


NEW 10/26: Photos & Info Added From:

Belchertown EMS (NEW R-2),

Southampton (NEW A-2, "New" B-1),

Spencer Rescue (A-2, A-3), and

Westfield (E-6, M-30, M-40, M-50).

Apparatus Of The Past Page Updated With Units From:

Belchertown EMS (R-2), and Southampton (T-1, B-1, A-2).


NEW 11/01: Photos & Info Updated From:

Berkley (E-1, E-4, Tr.-3, Tnk.-1, SH, F-1, R-2),

Dighton (E-1, E-2, E-3, L-1, F-1, F-2, A-1), 

North Attleborough (E-6), and

Walpole Emergency Management (791, 792, 793, LT-1).

Apparatus of the Past Page Updated With Units From:

Berkley (R-1), and Dighton (SH).

EVENTS PAGE Updated With Worcester Area Fire Chiefs' Assoc. Dinner & Seminar.


NEW 11/02: Photos & Info Updated From:

Fall River (E-1, E-6, "New" Rehab 1),

Raynham (Tower 1 - New Graphics),

Rehoboth (E-1, E-2, E-3, E-5, E-6, L-1, T-1, T-3, B-1, B-2, B-3, SH),

Rehoboth Ambulance (A-30),

Rehoboth Rescue Squad (Squad 7),

Seekonk (R-3), and

Swansea (E-2, E-5, R-1, F-1, "New" F-2).


NEW 11/08: Photo Added From Phillipston ("New" A-1).


NEW 11/10: Photos & Info Updated From:

Amesbury (E-1, L-1, A-1, A-3. "New" A-4),

Merrimac (A-37, R-36, T-1), and

Methuen (NEW A-1).

Maine Photos Added From:

Freeport (E-1, L-1, F-1, T-2, R-2).

Apparatus of the Past Page Updated With Units From:

Merrimac (A-37), and Methuen (A-2).


NEW 11/11: Photo Added Of Upton "New" Ladder 1


NEW 11/16: Photo & Info Update From Oakham ("New" E-1).

Oakham Has Purchased The Former Upton E-1 From New Braintree For $1.

Guest Photos Added From:

Reading (NEW L-1), and Mass. Forest Fire Control (9-9, Tracked Unit).

Thank You Kevin & Tom!!


NEW 11/21: Photos & Info Updated From:

East Bridgewater (A-1, A-2, A-3, S-1, Annex),

Easton (E-2), and

Plympton (E-1, NEW E-2, T-1).


NEW 11/22: Photos & Info Updated From:

Belmont (E-4),

Needham (E-2, E-3, E-4, L-1, NEW R-1, R-2), and

Waltham (E-8, "Rehab" E-9, NEW L-2).

Goshen Fire Page Updated With NEW E-2 Info.


NEW 11/23: Photos & Info Updated From:

Grafton (NEW Station 1 HQ),

Plainville (NEW E-3, R-1, R-2, "New" R-3), and

Worcester (NEW Station 6).

Apparatus Of The Past Page Updated With Plainville E-1.

NOTES: Plainville E-3 Now In Service. Added Lettering Due Soon.

Worcester's New Franklin Street Station (#6) Now Open. Former Station 6 on 

Plantation Street Closed. E-6 Moved To New Station, Along With R-1 & L-1.


NEW 11/29: Photo Update From Walpole (Rehab E-5).

Rhode Island Guest Photos Added From:

Narragansett (NEW E-1) and T. F. Green Airport (NEW R-307).

Thank You David & Peter!


NEW 12/04: Photos & Info Added & Updated From:

Billerica (NEW E-1, E-2),

Burlington (NEW E-2, E-3),

Haverhill (E-4),

Lynnfield (NEW L-1),

Methuen (E-3, E-5, L-1),

North Reading (E-3), and

Reading (NEW L-1).

Apparatus Of The Past Page Updated With Billerica E-8.


Connecticut Guest Photos Added From 

Hamden (E-3, Ridge Rd. Sta.). Thanks Daryl!


NEW 12/06: Photos & Info Updated From:

Blackstone (E-56),

Millville (E-2, L-1, R-1), and

Uxbridge (E-3, L-1).


NEW 12/13: Updated Info For Hopedale and Worcester.

LINK Added For Les Fosburgh's Fire Scene Photography Site.


NEW 12/20: Photo Added Of New Bedford NEW L-1.

Guest Photo Added Of Holden "New" A-1. Thanks Andy!

Info Updates From:

Auburn, Boston, Clinton, Halifax, Haverhill, Lunenburg

Middleborough, Paxton, and West Boylston.

Apparatus Of The Past Updated With Units From:

Halifax (A-2), Haverhill (L-1), Middleborough (L-1),

New Bedford (L-1), and West Boylston (A-2).


NEW 12/23: Info Updated For Provincetown.

NOTE: Provincetown Has Purchased Orleans Former L-176 

To Replace Their Totaled L-192.

Apparatus Of The Past Page Updated With Worcester Airport E-1.


NEW 12/26: Photos & Info Updated From:

Halifax (NEW A-2),

Middleborough (E-1, E-4, T-1, FF-2, Dive Unit), and

Rochester (E-191, E-192, B-194, R-196, R-207, R-208, SH-199).


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