NEW: 01/07: Photos & Info from Georgetown (NEW E-1), Woburn (NEW R-1),

Lawrence (E6 & E7), Lowell (NEW E-10), Chelmsford (E3 & E6),

Billerica (E8 & NEW Tank 1), and Natick (NEW L-1).


NEW: 01/16: Photo of Walpole Ladder 1 Back From Refurb. Info updates for

Acushnet, Adams, Adams Forest Wardens, Agawam, Alford, Andover, 

Arlington, Ashfield, Auburn, Ayer, Wakefield, Wales, Wareham, Warwick, Watertown,

Webster, Webster Rescue, Wellesley, & Westwood.


NEW: 01/18: Photos of Duxbury's NEW E-2 & Saugus' L-1. Info updates for

both Towns as well. Several updates to PAST APPARATUS Section.


NEW: 01/21: Photos from Grafton (E1, E2, E10, Tower 1, F1, T6, T7) &

Upton (E1, L1, R1). Info updates from Grafton, Hopedale, Mendon, Milford, 

MASSPORT, & Upton). A huge thank you to all those in Grafton & Upton for the help!


NEW: 01/28: Photos & Info from Bolton (E2 & E3) and

Stow (E11 & NEW E12). Past Rigs updated also.


NEW: 01/30: Info added from Winchendon (Thanks Ed!) 


NEW: 02/05: Photos & Info from Palmer-Three Rivers (all), Granby (E1, E2, R2, T1, B1, ORV),

Pelham (All), Leverett (All & Station 2), Montague Center (E1, E2, NEW E3, R1),

Northampton (E2, E3, Tanker 1, B1, A1, A3), Leicester (All), and photo of Amherst E4's New White Roof. Thanks to all the troops in Leicester for the 3 station visits and to the folks in Montague Center, Three Rivers, Granby and Northampton. Special Thanks to Pelham Chief Ray Murphy, Leverett Chief John Moruzzi, and of course my guide Amherst Chief Hoyle.


NEW: 02/10: Photos of Webster Fire NEW E1 & E3, 

and photos of Webster Rescue R1, R2, R3 & RSU.


NEW: 02/20: Photos of Bourne's NEW Station 3, Duxbury (A1, L1, R2),

Dartmouth District 3 (E-N1, E-N3, E-N4, T1, L1, R1, F1, B1, N6), 

Wareham (E3, E5, F3), Onset (Rehab E1), Rehoboth (T2), Norwell (E6),

Fall River (Tech Rescue), and Hanover (E6, Rehab L1, R1).


NEW: 02/24: Photos & Info From Westwood (NEW A-1), Quincy (E10)

 and Mansfield (NEW S5).


NEW: 03/05: Photos & Info From Rockport (all), Rockport Forest Fire Dept. (all),

Danvers (R1), North Reading (E2), Wilmington (E2, E4, E5, F1), 

Billerica (Tank 1), Concord (E-6), and Hudson (E3, R2).


NEW: 03/06: Photo Of Tisbury's NEW Bronto Skylift, Tower 651 and Dudley NEW E-1.

Info Updates From Dudley, Tisbury, Taunton, Tewksbury & Truro. Photo

Also Added For Pawtucket, RI Special Operations Unit.


NEW: 03/17: Photos & Info from Norwood (SRS-1 & NC-2) and Past Rigs Update.


NEW: 03/21: Photo of Winthrop's NEW L-1. Info from Winthrop & Worcester.


NEW: 03/29: Photo of Upton's NEW E-1. 


NEW: 03/30: Photos & Info from Department of Fire Services (ISU & Rehab Unit),

Mass. Fire Academy (E5, L1, L2, T1), Hudson (E5, L1, C2),

Sudbury (NEW E2, L1), Concord (NEW E6), and Chelmsford (E3, E5). 


NEW: 04/01: Photos & Info from Oakham (all), Rutland (all), Sterling (NEW L1),

Worcester (L3), Worcester Airport Fire Rescue (all), and Grafton (Support Unit). 


NEW: 04/02: Photos & Info from Canton (NEW E2), Hull (NEW L1), Norwell (NEW A119),

Plymouth (FF7), Bourne (Station 3 Now Open), Sandwich (Dive 456), 

Falmouth (E25, B15, R35, R35A, A38, A39), and Wareham (E2, F2, T1).

Past Apparatus Also Updated. 


NEW: 04/23: Photos & Info from Waltham (E9), Weston (NEW R1 & R2),

Woonsocket, RI (E3, E7, L1, R2), Manville (Lincoln), RI (E1, NEW E2, L1, HQ),

Wales (Station), North Brookfield (all), Worcester (F1), Groton (all but E7 & T2),

Townsend (all), Ashburnham (E1), Franklin (E3, L1, B1, B2, R3, NEW C3, C4, C5, C6),

West Barnstable (NEW L297), Barnstable (NEW A204, C200), Hyannis (NEW 827, D310),

Yarmouth (E44, E45, E47, A53, A56), Brewster (NEW A242, NEW A243, B235, HR241),

Orleans (A174), Eastham (NEW E156, NEW A162, NEW A163), Wellfleet (NEW S1, T1),

Truro (A487), Provincetown (E195), Barnstable Airport (all), C-O-M-M (A324, B316),

Mashpee (U370), Seekonk (R1, R2, C4). 


NEW: 04/30: Photos & Info from Haverhill (NEW E1, NEW E3, Tanker 1), 

Foxborough (E22), Groveland (E1, E3, S1, S2, F2, Tower 1),

Danvers (E2, E5), Stoneham (E1, C4), and Belmont (E2, E3, E4).


NEW: 05/07: Photos & Info from Boston (L11, L21, Spare Rescue), 

Revere (E3), Everett (L2), Cambridge (Lighting Plant),

and Brookline (NEW E1). Also updates on Parade info.


NEW: 05/21: Photo & Info from Randolph (NEW E4). 


NEW: 05/22: Photos & Info from Blackstone (NEW E54), 

North Smithfield, RI (E1, T1, NEW R2), Nasonville, RI (all), 

Harrisville, RI (all), Oakland-Mapleville, RI (E11, E13, R1, F1, HQ),

and Pascoag, RI (E41, T4, S4, R4, Company 1, Company 2).


NEW: 05/24: Photos & Info from Westover Air Base (all), Hadley (all), South Hadley D2 (all),

Shutesbury (all), Belchertown (all), and Amherst (NEW R-1). A big thank you to all folks in these places that helped with photos today!!


NEW: 05/25: Photos & Info from Easton (NEW E4, Rehab E1, SOU), Sharon (NEW SA2), Raynham (E1, E2, E3, L1, T1, B1), 

and photos from MA DCR Forest Fire Control (Patrols 10-2, 10-5, 11-1 & Tanker 10-6).


NEW: 05/26: Photos & Info from Lincoln, RI Districts (Saylesville E56 & L51, Albion S21, 

Lime Rock E32), Cumberland, RI Districts (Cumberland E23), and 

Cumberland Rescue/EMS (R1, R2). Past Rigs Updated As Well.


NEW: 05/29: Photo & Info from Franklin (NEW R-2). 


NEW: 06/03: Photos & Info from Westfield (E4, E5, P1, M40, M60, B47),

Southwick (all), Russell (E1, NEW R1, B7), Huntington (Sta. 1, Sta. 2), Chester (Sta. 2),

Becket (E4, R5, T6), Lee (E1, E3, E5, E7, B1), Dalton (all), Lenox (E3, T7),

Lanesborough (all), Pittsfield (Reserve E1), MA DFS (FC-50),

and Middlefield (E2, E3, Sta. 1). 


NEW: 06/11: Photos & Info from Hopedale (NEW T-2, E-3), and photo of Amherst HQ. 


NEW: 06/23: Photos & Info from Marblehead (NEW E-1), Mendon (T-1),

Upton (NEW Med-2), Sutton (R-1, T-1), Oxford (NEW S-3, E-2, R-1),

Webster (E-4, E-6, L-2, T-1, Sta. 2), and Douglas (E-1, L-1). Mendon

has acquired the former Uxbridge Tanker 1. It is expected to be

relettered and made ready for service after July 1st.  


NEW: 07/04: Photos & Info from Waltham Auxiliary (NEW LP-2),

Medford Auxiliary (LP), and Franklin (Brush 3). Photo of Huntington E-1.

Info updates for Natick, Sharon, Berkley, North Andover, Weston, Medford

and Medfield.


NEW: 07/05: Photos & Info from Norfolk (NEW R1, NEW/USED S14, S4).


NEW: 07/16: Photos & Info from Mansfield (NEW E4, T1, S5, Sta. 2),

Franklin (R2), and Past Rigs Updated. Home Page Also Updated.


NEW: 07/19: Photos & Info from Raynham (NEW Tower 1) and

Canton (Engine 1). Past Rigs also updated. 


NEW 07/31: Adams (All incl. NEW E2), Adams Forest Wardens (All), Ashfield (HQ), 

Athol (NEW L1, NEW E2, B2), Bernardston (HQ), Charlemont (B1), 

Cheshire (All), Conway (HQ), Erving (All), Holyoke (NEW E5),  Leyden (T4),

MA Forest Fire Control (D8 Station, 9-3, 9-5, 9-6), Montague Center (All),

North Adams (All incl. NEW E3), Phillipston (All), Plainfield (All), Rowe (All),

Shelburne Falls (NEW HQ), and Williamstown (all).  


NEW 08/06: Photos & Info from Holland (all), Wales (all), Monson (NEW T1),

Wilbraham (E3, L1, T1, Medic 1, Rehab/Dive, Sta. 2), Southbridge (FF1),

and Dudley (NEW E1, NEW A2). Apparatus of the Past updated also.


NEW 08/13: Photos & Info from Barre (all), Paxton (all), Boylston (E4),

Northborough (E2, F1, F2, C3), and Worcester (E7).


NEW 08/17: Photos & Info from Ashburnham (All but E1), Ashby (All), 

Ayer (E3, NEW F1, NEW HQ), Dunstable (All), 

Pepperell (All), Shirley (NEW E3, R1, F2, F3, Sta. 2), 

Templeton (NEW L1, T2, F2, NEW R1), Townsend (NEW A49), Tyngsborough (E2).


NEW 08/21: Photos & Info from Boxborough (NEW C66), Hudson (NEW E1), 

Hull (R2, C3), Lowell (NEW E3, NEW L3, NEW C2, Dive Unit, FC-60), 

MA Fire Academy (E3),  Stow (E17, NEW E18). 

Thanks to Steve from Hull Fire for those photos!


NEW 09/01: Photos & Info from Taunton/MA DFS (FC-10), 

Norton (E1, L1, Sta. 5), Berkley (NEW E4, E1, NEW F1), 

Lakeville (E1, FF1, R1), and Middleborough (FF1).


NEW 09/13: Photos & Info from Springfield (NEW Rescue 1) and from 

San Antonio, Texas (Engine 1, Truck 1, Station 1).


NEW 09/15: Holyoke Photos (E-1, E-2, E-8, R-1, TAC-1, T-1, T-2, Sta. 1 HQ, Field Comm. 40)


NEW 09/23: Photos & Info from Newbury-Byfield (Rehab F-1), Salisbury (NEW E-201),

West Newbury (E-22, NEW E-24), Rowley ("NEW" L-1, E-3), Hamilton (NEW S-5, Air Supply),

Wenham (NEW Q-406, E-403), Essex (NEW A-1).


NEW 10/01: Photos & Info from Ashfield (E-2), Chesterfield (E-1, E-3, R-1, T-4),

 Conway (E-1, S-1, T-1), Goshen (E-1, E-4, T-1, R-1, B-1, A-2, County Air Supply),

Russell (E-2, E-3, T-8), Southampton (E-1, E-2, E-3, T-1, B-1, A-1, A-2), 

 Westfield (E-2, M-20, M-30, B-37), Westhampton (E-1, E-2, T-1, B-1, R-1, AE-1), 

Williamsburg (E-1, NEW E-2, E-3, E-4), and Worthington (E-1, E-2, E-3, R-1, T-1, B-1, B-2)


NEW 10/04: Photos & Info from Auburn (E-2, A-1, A-2), Ware (L-1, NEW T-1),

Easthampton (NEW A-1, A-2, A-3, E-3, B-1), Granby (NEW E-3, E-1),

and Hatfield (E-1, E-4, T-1, B-1, R-1


NEW 10/09: Photos & Info from Arlington (NEW R-1, L-1), 

Belmont (NEW Sta.1 HQ, NEW Sta. 2, E-2, E-3, R-1), Beverly (NEW E-3, Dive Rescue),

Bourne (NEW T-126, E-125, ORU 12), Braintree (NEW E-3), 

Cambridge (E-10, L-5, R-1), Carver (NEW R-1), Duxbury (E-3, S-1),

Everett (E-1, E-2, E-3, E-4, E-5, L-1, R-1), Foxborough (NEW FC-3, E-22),

Hamilton (NEW S-5), Hanscom AFB (E-4, E-6, C-9, C-10, T-7, R-3, H-11, U-5)

Hingham (NEW E-3), Lexington (NEW R-1, R-2), Lincoln (NEW A-3, E-4),

Lynn (S-3), Marshfield (R-1), Melrose (E-3), Millis (NEW B-2, E-4),

North Attleborough (NEW L-1), Plainville (E-1, E-2, L-1, NEW T-1, R-1, B-2),

Plymouth (NEW FF-175), Salem (NEW E-1, E-5), Saugus (NEW S-1), 

and Scituate (NEW E-1, E-2, E-3).


NEW 10/14: Photos & Info from Gardner (E-2), Paxton (L-1, F-1, T-1),

Worcester (NEW L-1, NEW L-7, Field Comm. 30), Westminster (NEW C-3),

Princeton (E-1, E-2, E-3, E-5, NEW L-1, A-1, A-2), Royalston (HQ, Town Hall),

and Petersham (E-2, T-1, T-2, F-1, F-2, Rescue, S-1).


NEW 10/15: Photos & Info from Attleboro (NEW R-1), Foxborough (NEW R-2),

and Milford (E-1, L-1, T-2).


NEW 10/21: Photos & Info from Blandford (E-1, E-2, R-1), Chester (E-1, R-1, B-1, B-2),

Hilltown Community Ambulance (A-1, A-2, Station),

Huntington (E-1, E-4, E-5, B-6, R-7), New Salem (E-1, E-3, E-4, R-1, Station 2),

Northampton (A-2), Palmer/Bondsville (T-1), Phillipston (F-4, F-5),

and Wendell (NEW E-1, E-2, E-4, T-1, B-3).


NEW 10/22: Photos & Info from Newton (E-16, Special Ops. Unit), Wellesley (E-5),

and Waltham (NEW S-5, E-1, E-9, Field Comm. 20).


NEW 10/24: Added LINK for Matt Gregoire's Greater Providence Area Fire Videos


NEW 10/25: MAFT Goes International! Added LINK For Eddie Gentle's 

Fire Apparatus Of IRELAND Site 


NEW 10/29: Photos Added from Bellingham (E-5, L-1, R-1, R-2, NEW Town Hall),

and Framingham (E-2, NEW E-4). Home Page also updated.


NEW 11/05: Photos & Info from Barre ("NEW" F-1), Bedford (E-1, E-2, L-1, F-1, R-1, NEW R-2),

North Andover (L-1), Reading (E-4, NEW R-1, R-2), and Woburn (NEW E-4). Also added LINK to Shelburne Falls Fire District's NEW Web Site, a LINK for Cambridge Auxiliary Fire,

 and updated Cambridge Info.


NEW 11/10: Photos & Info Updates from C-O-MM (NEW E-305), Dennis (NEW C-100),

Harwich (NEW F-67, E-64), Orleans (F-169), Provincetown (NEW E-194 Airport Sta.),

Otis ANG Base Fire (NEW Foam 404, Foam 403, NEW E-410, E-406, Sta. 2, NEW HQ),

Truro (NEW E-483, E-482, T-484), and Yarmouth (NEW A-53, T-41).

Also Added a LINK to David Christiana's Working


NEW 11/24: Photos & Info from Abington (E-1, E-4, L-1, F-1), Canton (NEW E-4, S-2),

Hanson (NEW A-1, A-2, "Rehabbed" R-1, E-2, T-1), Randolph (NEW A-1),

and Rockland (NEW A-1, A-2, E-2, E-3, E-4, L-1, FF-1). Also added

a LINK to Brian Lehane's BL Fire Photography.   


NEW 11/25: Photos & Info from Franklin (NEW R-1, R-2, E-3) and Milford (E-3, T-1).


NEW 12/10: Vacation Photos from Barbados (Aerial Unit, Station) and St. Thomas (Tanker).

Also added link to Kyle Marcinkiewicz's Natick Fire Trucks web site.   


NEW 12/12: A Milestone Today!! logged its' 100,000th visitor today. A huge thank you to all who have supported this site in the past 15 months. I'll try to keep the updates coming and will continue to try and reach out to ALL departments in the state to obtain photos of their apparatus. Thank you all once again, and please always feel free to e-mail me with any suggestions or comments you may have.


NEW 12/17: Photos & Info from Holden (E-2, E-6, T-1, R-1, S-1), and Worcester

(E-1, E-2, E-3, E-4, E-6, E-8, E-10, E-11, E-13, E-15, E-16, L-1, L-2, L-3, L-4, L-6,

L-7, R-1, Spare R-1, Spare Scope 2, Special Ops. 1, Station 5, and Station 6). LINKS

added for Granville Fire and Southbridge Fire.


NEW 12/23: I FOUND IT! I have located the whereabouts of Franklin's former 

Engine 1, the 1954 American LaFrance. It is located in Genessee, PA 

and has been owned by the same person since Franklin traded it in back in 

August of 1987 when they purchased the current Hahn. Pictures of the truck 

can be found on the following web link :

And, I added a link about my favorite TV show. No surprises there! 

Season 3 is on DVD in February. Have a Merry Christmas one & all! 


NEW 12/30: Photos & Info from Agawam (E-3, T-1, SH-5), Chicopee (NEW E-7),

Granville (NEW A-1), Longmeadow (NEW M-1, M-2, E-1, E-2, E-3, E-4), 

Monterey (Station 1), Otis (E-1, E-2, NEW T-1, R-1), Otis Rescue Squad (A-1), 

Oxford (Special Ops. Unit), Springfield (L-3, L-8, Sta. 8), and Tolland (E-1, E-2, T-3, R-1, F-1).

Link added for Agawam Call Firefighters.


NEW 12/31: Photos & Info from Ashland (E-1, E-3, T-1, R-1), 

Milford (E-2, E-5, B-1, R-1, Air Supply),

and Southborough (E-21, E-22, R-25, A-28, A-29).

Link Added for North Shore Fire Apparatus & Fireground Photos.


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